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Malas: Explained

All of my hand-knotted malas are constructed with the universally symbolic 108 beads, plus a significant and purposefully chosen guru bead. Malas that are knotted between each bead protect stones and seeds from wear + tear, and make using your mala an enjoyable tactile experience. Learn more about the meaning of malas and how to use yours by reading here.


A portion of my profits from each park-inspired mala gets donated back to the parks system based on the wilderness than inspired it. Whether your mala is inspired by a Canadian or American national park or monument, you can read about how the contributions are used here.

a podcast + exploration

Wanderlost is a podcast exploring the theme of "home".

Follow along with me on my own journey to find and define home,

while I interview others about where or what they call home, and what home ultimately means to them. What does it mean to you - is it

more of a person, a place or a feeling?

Each podcast episode has a show notes page with all the details and links to additional content. They can be found on the blog.


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Who's the girl?

Love her but leave her wild.

She is an ultra curious, wildly ambitious introvert who finds her peace and soul fuel in the outdoors. Her heart is looking to live a life inspired and she is lucky to be along for the ride! Learn more about Ellysa here.


Coming soon; please hang tight for all the sweaty, dirty and exploratory details!

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