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If you don't already know, my name is Ellysa Evans and I am passionately curious.

I do what I do not only because of my curiosity but because I feel compelled to share the things I love and learn with others. The greatest reward in my life is hearing that something I've said or done has inspired something great in someone else's life. Whether you have a story or some insight to share with me, you have questions for me, or you want to work on something with me PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out; I love hearing from everyone!

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Looking for a mala or a shirt that doesn't come in a color or design you like?

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According to most people, and based on where I spend the majority of my down time, I am based in Calgary, AB (Canada) - a portal to the Rocky Mountains and in a great position to travel in all four directions at great reward. Otherwise, I am on the road often enough through the fair-weathered months that I can be a little difficult to keep track of.

As you can see above - the best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail. 

Despite my nomadic nature, I am most keen and excited to collaborate on a variety of projects, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you have an idea or you want to work with me on something you’re passionate about!

I am...
an interior designer  •  a yoga teacher  •  AN ENTREPRENEUR  •  a web developer  •  a writer  •  an adventurer  •  an artist  •  a festival coordinator  •  A PODCAST HOST  •  an amateur photographer  •  a collaborator  •  A RESOURCE  •  a curious soul  •  ambitious
... and I love being challenged.

Some of the beautiful photos that you see on my website were taken by my extremely talented friend and professional photographer Glynnis Mutch (click for her website).


Please do not use any photos on this website without asking myself (or Glynnis) for permission.

thanks for your help, glynnis!


Coming soon; please hang tight for all the sweaty, dirty and exploratory details!

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