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Full Circle:

In my years of adventuring, I have learned what a force for good the outdoor recreation community is. Whether it's grassroots communities encouraging diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, or REI putting women front and centre, everyone who finds either solace or company in the outdoors plays a part in this vibrant community, tied together by the wilderness they explore. 

We are lucky that forward thinking conservationists have already set the stage for the protection of so much wilderness, whether through the establishment of parks and monuments, or protective rights over resource collection. Those agencies could not exist without the community that enjoys and supports them through park fees, purchases and individual contributions.

$5 from every grace + gravity mala purchase is invested back into the parks that provide the foundation for our amazing community, to further promote and preserve the wilderness we all love and enjoy so much. 

Where exactly does the money go?

Depending on which mala you purchase, your $5 will go to one of the following agencies: 

National Park Foundation (USA): An apolitical, non-partisan philanthropic organization focused on raising private funds to directly support America's national parks, including monuments, preserves and historical parks. Check out to learn more.

Parks Canada Agency (Canada)*: As guardians, guides, partners and storytellers, the Parks Canada Agency manages the protection of nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage, preserving integrity for present and future generations. More information can be found on the Parks Canada website.

Your package will arrive to your door with a thank you note that explains exactly where your contribution is going. If you've purchased a mala inspired by a park established in the United States, your donation will go to the National Park Foundation. If you've purchased a mala inspired by a Canadian park, your donation will go to the Parks Canada Agency.

*A note about Parks Canada Agency donations: there are two options for donations to this agency - restricted and unrestricted. Unrestricted donations are allocated to the development of new parks, while restricted donations go directly to a specific park or use. Grace + gravity contributions are designated as restricted donations to the park specific to the mala purchased. For example: if the Yoho National Park inspired mala is purchased, the contribution collected from that purchase will be dedicated to Yoho National Park. If you'd prefer your contribution to be unrestricted, please feel free to contact me with your preference.


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