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5 Reasons Solo Hiking is the Best

I can't even begin to tell you how important I think it is to seek out people who will take a chance on you, or be the person who takes a chance on someone else. Asking for something and asking for help - it's hard for so many of us - but as the old adage goes, the worst thing they can do is say no.

I reached out to the Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. before I left on my trip (literally just a couple of days before) to ask if they'd be interested in collaborating on something with me while I was gone. To my surprise and delight, they said enthusiastically, YES PLEASE! Thanks for taking a chance on me, gentlemen. It has been a pleasure. I have been so lucky to fuel much of my trip with CHRC coffee and to share it with others along the way.

My first of (at least) four posts with the CHRC went live on October 15th: 5 Reasons Why Solo Hiking Is The Best, plus one bonus that I will share with you here: you don't have to share your CHRC java with anyone else! Though, I would recommend it, if you have some to spare. You may even make new friends.

My adventures in both Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park will be detailed in upcoming posts, so stay tuned for more! And hey, go get yourself a bag o' beans, already. The Columbian ones are my favourite. And the Guatemalan ones. And the Indonesian ones.

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First: Cathedral Gorge State Park 2017


Coming soon; please hang tight for all the sweaty, dirty and exploratory details!

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