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Fairyland Loop

Hands down, I took THE MOST photos on a single hike in Bryce Canyon National Park, hiking the Fairyland Loop. When I set off on my 2017 road trip, I was most excited to be thrown into environments, landscapes and settings that were foreign and new to me. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia, that meant I was looking forward to exploring the desert for the first major time in my life. (Does going to White Sands National Monument once count? I didn't think so.)

Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed. Though I feel like my photos hardly do it any justice, I still love scrolling through them. Bryce Canyon is unreal. If you don't believe me, you should read the article I wrote for the Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, through the lens of an artist. The colors are remarkable. It is a landscape chalk full of inspiration to anyone with a foot in the art and design world.

Bryce Canyon National Park (like most desert environments) frequently experiences some nightmare-esque summer thunderstorms. I got trapped in two of them in this area - one as I was reaching the highest point of the trail before it dipped down into the canyon (I swear to goodness the storm cracked open out of nowhere immediately above my head; I did not see it coming), and another after hunkering down for the night in a nearby national forest. Lucky for me, I had built a temporary shelter in the trees, so I brewed up some fresh java to wait out the storm and make sure I wouldn't get flooded into the forest. Thank goodness for the CHRC - their Guatemalan beans kept me toasty warm in the storm that night. 

If you haven't tried any Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. beans yet, rumour has it they are hosting a pop-up shop style cafe in Calgary's UNDRCARD Boxing Studio, or you can jump on their website to buy a bag or sign up for a subscription! Get some. You won't be disappointed. My adventure pals certainly aren't. 

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First: Fairyland Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park, 2017


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