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Living Open | A Podcast

I have made a lot of really big decisions in the last couple of months - I quit my job, moved out of my house and packed my things into other peoples' basements, drove across provincial borders, and I left some pretty important things behind me (for now, at least). There is a critical voice in my head that tells me my actions are selfish. But there's an even louder, more positive and encouraging voice that's screaming "GO AHEAD AND BE SELFISH!!" because it's what I need and what I deserve right now. 

I am a recovering perfectionist, learning how to surrender. I am also a long time in-denial introvert who has forced myself to live a very outgoing life for a number of years (it's even difficult to title this post with a photo of myself). I have a soft heart, too much ambition, and a really wild and adventurous spirit. I am learning to respect and appreciate those things in myself, and the decisions I have been making - they are all honouring, quite simply, me!

Eryn approached me, to interview me for her podcast back in April, after she read my essay on She Explores. I was speechless and shell-shocked. Me?! What could I possibly have to say about living authentically?? It turns out, I have more to say than I thought, and I truly surprised even myself. Eryn was so excited, she managed to edit and post the episode almost over night after our interview. I have officially listened to it twice now, and it's surreal. I keep catching myself trying to relate to myself as I listen.

I think this podcast will be something I come back to time and time again, and something that I continue to reflect on and learn from, even though I was the one answering the questions in the first place! All I can hope for, is that even just one person, will listen to Eryn and I's conversation and feel something - confidence, inspired, reassurance, sameness. All of our battles in life look different, but they're still battles. We have so much to learn from each other, and we are so lucky to have the opportunities to do so.

I've been feeling pretty lucky lately. It seems that making these big decisions for myself has created something of a domino effect - so many things have fallen into place so effortlessly and perfectly. This podcast is one of those big, brave, exciting things, and I am so excited for you to hear it. 

So, if you're into podcasts, or you're into listening to me talk and laugh openly about what I'm terrified of and passionate about right now, please check out Eryn's Living Open podcast!

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