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Ode to Summer

Today marks the first day of summer, officially! It's the season that everyone waits and lives for, right??

I have already experienced many witness marks of this beloved season: fields of bursting wildflowers, the lush green fields of our local rolling foothills, the epic evening storms that roll in from over the mountains and crack overhead, the poplar fluff that floats like dry snow around city parks and settles in the gutters. It is patio season, sunscreen (or sunburn, if you're me) season, outdoor music festival season, popsicle season, sangria season, shorts and flip flops season, and ultimately my favourite season for adventuring.

I wish you all an incredible one: a season full of warms days and nights, replenishing rains, high spirits and unforgettable memories made outdoors. Go ahead and get your camp on! Have a bonfire with friends, sleep under the stars, roll around in the grass, and go, follow your curiosity!


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