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Oh Canada

Oh!! Canada! 

I'm not always this patriotic, but I think it's important to take the time to appreciate the things we have, and I do think we are incredibly lucky to have this big beautiful backyard of ours. And this year, we are celebrating its 150th birthday! My first instinct is to think that 150 years is a looooong time, but when you think about other countries and civilizations, I guess we are actually pretty young.

I have really only spent time exploring Alberta and British Columbia (I've been to Saskatchewan once now, though!!) and it never fails - I am constantly in awe of the beauty and generosity with which our country grows and flourishes. I hope that opportunities are afforded to me to explore the rest of this country that I call home. There are hidden gems everywhere, I have learned. They're not just in the Rocky Mountains that I love so much, and I'm looking forward to finding them!

So, happy 150th birthday, Canada! Go, get out there and celebrate this beautiful land that nourishes and provides us such an incredible home! 

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