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On October 13th, I celebrated what I called my three-year "mountain anniversary". Three years ago, I had just arrived home from a grueling two-year project and competition in California. I hardly felt human. A good friend offered to take me out of the city for a day, and that day was summed up in a single photo of me, standing at Bow Summit in front of Peyto Lake, laughing like a fool. I remember looking at that photo later that evening and thinking "this is the happiest I have seen myself in years!" I have been hooked on getting outdoors, experiencing the mountains and discovering my true passion and roots since then. 

For my anniversary, I did two things. I returned to Peyto Lake, to reflect on all of the brilliant adventures I have taken on in the last three years. And, I wrote an essay based on a small journal I wrote while on my first ever backpacking trip, that I tackled solo last June. 

Today, it was published on She Explores, an incredible community of empowered, soulful and inspired women. I could not be more grateful or humbled by the responses I've seen. My heart is so full. Here is to everyone out there who is living a life of passion, curiosity, ambition and adventure!!

Check it out here! A Solo Camp for the Books: The Magnificence of Ambition

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