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The Narrows

Literally only a couple of days before I left on my 2017 road trip, I connected with the Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, an incredible Calgarian company that is fueling wild lives with their deliciously roasted coffee beans. I wrote a couple of articles for them while I was on the road, and I actually owe them another one yet - is anyone in need of an excuse to come out on a winter adventure with me?? I'm full of them! (Coffee included.)

In early December they posted one of my most favourite adventures from the trip: hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park. I've written a little bit about it here and there, but I saved the best and juiciest details for my post with the CHRC - which you can read now here! I wrote about the extreme contrasts of Zion National Park after hiking both through the depths of The Narrows and to the top of Observation Point, and I even included some lessons learned and tips in case you're thinking about traveling the turquoise waters of the Virgin River any time soon.

It is SO WORTH noting that everyone I've shared my CHRC beans with on the road and since getting back have LOVED the brews. It's impossible not to. The more I drink, the more I think the Columbian beans are my favourite, but... some days it's the Guatemalan, and I still can't discount the Indonesian because they're delicious too. If you need to try a cup to be convinced - hit me up. Otherwise, go get yourself a bag (or three) ASAP! Best consumed in the mountains, desert, forest or next to the ocean, but a kitchen will do!

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First: The Narrows in Zion National Park, 2017


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