Virgin River

Virgin River

The Narrows, Utah [ USA ]

By far the most exhilerating hike I undertook on my 2017 western USA road trip was hiking through The Narrows of Zion National Park, Utah. To think that the humble Virgin River cut those 1,000 - 2,000 foot deep walls is astounding; though it seems small, it is mighty. I found something new around every bend, and spent an entire day completely enthralled by the wet canyon walls as they sparkled metallic in the sunlight, and in the aquamarine waters I hiked through. 


Size of print: 5 x 7" incl. white border.


Photos are printed on recycled card. This print includes a wood block for your print to stand in; each wood slice is 2.5 - 3" in diameter x 3/4" thick, and are made of hand-finished douglas fir, sourced from local deadfall. Each slice will vary in size, shape and character. 

  • Would you like to purchase multiple prints with a single wood stand? Not enough prints available? Contact me for customised orders, multiple copies and discounted shipping.


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