Yoho National Park Mala

Yoho National Park Mala

Yoho National Park, British Columbia [ Canada ]

One of my most memorable nights spent in Yoho National Park was not one that I spent tucked warm and snug into my sleeping bag and tent - it was the one I spent on the shores of Lake O’Hara, watching the Perseid Meteor Shower streaming overhead. My fingers were frozen but my heart was roasting warm. The blues and greens of Yoho National Park’s forests, lakes, rivers and glaciers are still as captivating in my memory as they were in my time spent camped in the park. One day, I’ve promised myself that I will return to capture each magnificent hue in my watercolour paints. One day… (Stone descriptions and significance are below.)


Each grace + gravity mala is designed and hand-knotted by me (Ellysa Evans), and has been inspired by my own adventures in Yoho National Park. Colour and texture is a language I have learned through my years of art history and design, and I apply that language to the way I design and craft my malas. Whether used as a tool for your meditation practice or worn as a beautiful reminder of your own favorite mark, this mala is built to both inspire and last. You can learn more about using a mala for meditation here.


Included in the purchase of this mala is a $5 donation to the US National Parks agency. You can read more about where your donation is going and how the money will be used by reading here.


Also included in your purchase is a photo print from the adventure that inspired each mala design (as shown), and a wood block for your print to stand in. Photos are printed on recycled card. Each wood slice is 2.5 - 3" in diameter x 3/4" thick, and is made of hand-finished douglas fir, sourced from local deadfall. Each slice will vary in size, shape and character. 

  • You're not just buying a mala, you're building a connection. Included in your package is:

    • One individually designed and wilderness-inspired mala.
    • One original photo print of the wilderness that inspired the mala.
    • One hand-finished wood block to display your photo print in.
    • A personal story of solo adventure in the park that inspired everything.
    • A thank you note for your contribution to the parks service.

Coming soon; please hang tight for all the sweaty, dirty and exploratory details!

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